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1948-01-20 Page 6

3,200 Patients Treated Last Year By Five Nurses

"The staff of the Victorian Order of Nurses cared for more than 3,200 patients in Calgary during 1947," Miss Blanche Richard, supervisor of nurses, stated in her report Monday afternoon at the 38th annual board meeting of the V.O.N. in the Sun room of the Palliser hotel.
The staff consists of five trained
 nurses, Mrs. William Naylor, Mrs. Ora Park, Miss Mildred Irwin, Miss Vera O'Dell and Miss Rickard. The latter reported that more than 13,000 visits were made to patients, a substantial increase over the previous year.
"IN THE PAST our nurses assisted local doctors with home confinements. Since the introduction of free maternity hospitalization the picture has changed," Miss Rickard said. "There is however an opportunity for health teaching throughout the entire maternity cycle. Of the 415 pre-natal cases admitted many took advantage of the instruction classes carried out by our staff. An increase of 6 per cent in maternity and new-born visits over 1946 shows more mothers and their babies are benefitting from the nursing service of the V.O.N. on their return from hospital."
"Thirty-two per cent of our visits were made to medical surgical and chronically ill patients which included dressings and the administration of medications by hypodermic treatments."
THE SUPERVISOR told of visits to chronic invalids where long-term "baffling" cases may be given assistance, not only by nursing, but by the nurse analyzing conditions, needs and the attitude of patients, the family situation, the patient's place in the home, and then planning according to the family and community resources.
Miss Rickard explained that funds for the maintenance of the branch were raised locally and a nominal charge is made for nursing care, depending on the financial circumstances of the family. A small contribution comes from insurance companies for visits to their policyholders and the remainder by the community. In conclusion, Miss Rickard pointed out that more than 40 per cent of the calls were free and she thanked board members and staff for their "dependable support."
Mrs. Arthur Patteson, who was re-elected to head the board, gave her presidential report and the secretary's report was presented by Mrs. H. C. Dalgleish.
THE HONORARY treasurer, Mr. Reginald G. Smith, explained the financial statement which showed receipts of more than $21,600 and disbursements of $13,853. The organization also finished the year with Dominion of Canada bonds to the amount of $4,500.
Greetings were brought by Mr. C. R. Dickey from the Community Chest; by Lt.-Col. D. H. Tomlinson of the Red Cross Society; Mr. Alex Calhoun of the Alberta branch of the Canadian Cancer Society and by Dr. J. K. Malloy of the department of veterans' affairs.
DR. H. V. MORGAN, president of the Calgary Medical Society, spoke on the relationship of the V.O.N. to community service and to the social service groups in the city. In paying tribute to the five V.O.N. nurses he said they had won the confidence of the public with their skill. He urged that a sixth nurse be obtained. With an increase in visits he felt the present staff was being taxed.
Mrs. W. H. McLaws reported on the revision of the organization's bylaws.
The acting convener of the nominating committee, Mrs. E. R. Selby, brought in the slate of officers which includes the following: honorary president, Mrs. John Burns, president, Mrs. Patteson; first vice-president, Mrs. W. C. Stirling; second vice-president, Mrs. J. L. Hunt; secretary, Mrs. H. C. Dalgleish; assistant secretary, Mrs. L. Patrick; correspondence, Mrs. George Ingraham; honorary treasurer, Mr. Reginald G. Smith; treasurer, Mrs. P. G. Atkinson; assistant treasurer, Mrs. John Galloway; publicity, Mrs. Thomas Melling; and assistant publicity, Mrs. George Eaton.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-28