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1948-03-19 Page 15

Wood’s Home Plans Building Of School
Possibility Of Using War Assets Material For Separate Structure To Be Investigated

Possibility of using War Assets equipment to build a school at the 
Wood’s Christian Home was suggested at the 20th annual meeting held Thursday in The Herald board room and the members decided to investigate the matter.
The suggestion was made by Ronald H. Jenkins, after a discussion arose over the need for a separate school building at the home and the high cost of building one at the present time.  Business manager D. H. Robertson was asked to inquire into the possibility of obtaining materials from War Assets.
EIGHT RETIRING board trustees were re-elected by the meeting. They were: H. A. Howard, Mrs. D. Little, K. J. Morrison, R. D. Purdy, G. W. Skene, K.C., W. J. Snaddon, John D. Southam and H. L. Gillies. Rev. J. Rex Brown was named honorary chaplain, while H. E. Howard, C.A., was re-elected auditor.
Mr. Snaddon, chairman of the board read the trustees' report for 1947. Starting with 94 children and ending the year with 91, the home could report a number of families re-established and that one child had even been flown to Scotland to live with his grandparents after his mother died here.
DR. J. V. FOLLETT, the medical officer, said the health of the children was exceptionally good, requiring little attention from him during the year. Thanks were expressed by the members for the gift of a dental chair and full dental equipment by Mr. Southam on behalf of The Calgary Herald.
Progress of the 86 pupils was reported as excellent by school principal Henry Gerlitz. He expressed his regrets that he would have to leave the home this June to take a course at the university after eight years of service. Mr. Snaddon remarked on his long association with the home and thanked him.
MR. MORRISON gave the financial report showing receipts of $30,368 and expenditures of $29,709 during 1947 with a credit of $838 remaining. Costs per inmate day on a cash basis had risen slightly 
from 87 cents in 1946 to.....

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Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-20