Calgary Herald

1948-03-06 Page 7

Large Membership Reported In Anglican W.A. 

Officers reported an increase in memberships in all branches and satisfactory financial returns at the closing day of the 44th annual meeting Friday of the Calgary diocesan board of the Woman’s Auxiliary of the Church of England in Canada. The two-day rally opened Thursday in Paget hall. Mrs. W. R. Halpenny, who was elected president, was in the chair.
Mrs. F. M. R. Gibney, recording secretary, said there were 66 senior branches of the 
W.A. with a membership of 1,305; eight girls' branches with 111 members; 16 junior groups with 196 members; 26 Little Helper's groups with a total membership of 1,824; and three church boys' leagues with 40 members.
A BALE OF CLOTHING, bedding and Christmas gifts for 42 children of the Yukon diocese were sent by the Dorcas branch, stated Mrs. R. S. Munn, secretary-treasurer. An increase in interest in mission study was also reported by Mrs. E. D. McGeer, secretary of the educational department. Mrs. Tully Montgomery of Banff reported $466 raised from the thank-offerings of 42 branches.
Mrs. L. A. C. Smith said literature had been sent to 65 members in isolated areas, and Mrs. Frederick Vaughan-Birch of High River reported 384 new members had been enrolled. Mite box receipts of $321 showed an increase of $90 over 1946. Mrs. D. E. M. Cottrell, girls' secretary also reported an increase in membership of this group.
 report was given by Mrs. A. J. M. Round, followed by reviews by Mrs. F. H. Pearce on constitution, Mrs. Halpenny on the program, and Miss D. Salter on hospitality.
Rt. Rev. H. R. Ragg, Bishop pf Calgary, paid tribute to the delegates, many of whom had to buck snow drifts and spend hours in snowbound t
rains to attend the meeting.
APPOINTMENT OF standing committees was made as follows: Resolutions, Mrs. W. E. Thompson and Mrs. Greenwood, Macleod; finance, Mrs. A. J. M. Round, Mrs. H. R. Ragg, Mrs. E. D. McGreer and Mrs. Halpenny; constitution, Mrs. F. H. Pearce, Mrs. Round and Mrs. Halpenny; nominating, Miss Eileen Adames, Mrs. Robert Axon,
 Mrs. McGreer, Mrs. Gibney, Mrs. R. Hincks and Mrs. Halpenny; program, Mrs. Ragg, Mrs. Axon, Mrs. Round, Mrs. A. B. Morris, Mrs. E. H. Boalch, Mrs. A. H. Buck and Mrs. Halpenny. Mrs. E. W. Marsden and Mrs. R. D. Clarke were appointed scrutineers.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-11