Calgary Herald

1948-02-05 Page 6

Mrs. T. B. Lowe Elected President of W.M.S. Group 

Mrs. T. B. Lowe was elected president of the Calgary presbyterial of the Womanís Missionary Society of the United Church of Canada at the 23rd annual meeting Wednesday held in the Knox United Church.
Miss Bessie Bentley of Trinidad told of missionary work being done there. "The missions had been working for 30 years before an attempt was made in educating the girls," she said. "Now girls come to Canada to complete their university education and return to teach in the field of medicine, law and home economics."
MISS WINNIFRED WARREN who worked in Honan, China, for several years and was interned near Shanghai during the war, spoke of the work that was carried on in China.
Mrs. William Kemp, president of the Alberta conference branch spoke on "Church Women, Their Responsibilities and Opportunities." She emphasized the importance of surroundings and showed by example how church women can brighten a dismal church with pictures and flowers until it is a place of beauty.
She also referred to a responsibility toward fellow men. "  "Resolutions on the liquor question get nowhere," she said. "It is by individual effort that we can help people."
A PANEL discussion led by Mrs. G. Ernest Forbes was held on the younger groups. Mrs. H. S. Jenkins said that the mission circles must have something of interest in the program to attract young girls, because of the many distractions in the world today.
Mrs. Forbes spoke of the importance of girls going right through the various church organizations for the different age groups until they became members of the Woman's Missionary Society or the Woman's Association.
Mrs. Gordon Lapp and Mrs. O. F. Cypris gave prayers of intercession and Mrs. Robert Cragg was soloist.
MISS K. E. CURRIE outlined the literature which was available for members of the various groups.
Supper was served in the church parlors with Mrs. W. P. Sinclair of Knox auxiliary as hostess. Mrs. J. E. Ball of Ogden replied to the welcome, and greetings were brought from the presbytery by Rev. S. J. Parsons. Mrs. W. D. Mair, president of the Presbytery Woman's Association brought greetings from that group.
Later Rev. J. L. Pottruff spoke on "The Summons to a World Christian Community." Rev. A. R. Huband was chairman of the evening session.
THE NEW SLATE of officers was presented by Mrs. Albert Dyson and installed by Mrs. M. L.  Bowen as follows: past president, Mrs. C. F. Rannie; president, Mrs. Lowe; first vice-president, Mrs. F. E. Graham; second vice-president, Mrs. E. R. Vickery; third vice-president, Mrs. J. A. Johnston; recording secretary, Mrs. B. A. Choppen; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Jack Reinders, and treasurer, Mrs. Albert Dyson.
Secretaries: Christian stewardship, Mrs. James Fowler; Mission Circles, Mrs. H. S. Jenkins; affiliated C.G.I.T. groups, Mrs. Arthur Turner; mission bands, Miss Mabel Hunt; baby band, Mrs. George E. Machon; associate members, Mrs. H. Emery; supplies, Mrs. J. H. Beatty; community friendship, Mrs. N. R. Desmond; literature, Miss K. E. Currie; Missionary Monthly and World Friends, Miss Louise Breckon; temperance and Christian citizenship, Mrs. H. F. Crowle and press, Mrs. Neil McKechnie.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-06