Calgary Herald

1948-03-05 Page 6

200 Delegates At Meeting of Diocesan Board  

Despite cold weather and bad roads more than 200 delegates from Southern Alberta attended the 44th annual meeting of the Calgary Diocesan Board of the Woman's Auxiliary of the Church of England in Canada which opened Thursday morning at Paget Hall. Mrs. W. R. Halpenny was elected president.
DELEGATES WERE welcomed by Rt. Rev. H. R. Ragg, Bishop of Calgary, and Very Rev. G. B. Snell.
New life membership awards created during 1947 and 1948 are as follows: Mrs. J. Montgomery Bell, Mrs. Mary Campbell, Mrs. M. L. Attwood, Mrs. M. McCreedy, Mrs. A. F. Taylor, Mrs. E. J. Parsons, Mrs. F. E. Little, Mrs. A. M. Arnold, Mrs. O. S. Reid, Mrs. M. E. Bamford, Mrs. K. Haise, Mrs. M. D. Butlin, Mrs. E. E. Halpenny, Mrs. L. Robertson, Mrs. K. Dawson, Mrs. R. L. Brayne and Miss Eileen Adames whose award was presented at the morning service.
THE LIFE MEMBERS' meeting was attended by 35 members. Mrs. W. R. Halpenny was in the chair, and gave the president's address in the absence of Mrs. Rollit Appleby.
Rev. Harry Moss, Rocky Mountain House, was guest speaker, telling of his experience in Palestine.
OTHERS ON THE executive are: Honorary president, Mrs. H. R. Ragg; honorary vice-president, Mrs. A. E. Cross; vice-presidents, Mrs. E. H. Boalch, Mrs. G. W. Lang, Mrs. J. H. Westbrook; recording secretary, Mrs. F. M. R. Gibney; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Robert Axon; treasurer, Mrs. A. J. M. Round; educational department treasurer, Mrs. E. D. McGreer; girls' secretary, Miss Elizabeth Dewar; Junior secretary, Mrs. A. B. Morris; little helpers' secretary, Mrs.  Frederick Vaughen-Birch; Dorcas secretary-treasurer, Mrs. R. S. Munn; United thank offering, Mrs. Tully Montgomery; living message secretary-treasurer, Mrs. M. L. Attwood; librarian, Mrs. A. H. Buck; social service, Miss E. Constance Cox; Church Boys' League, Miss Margaret Gibney, and prayer secretary, Mrs. A. Arnold.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-11