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1948-01-30 Page 30

Knox Contributions Total $38,000 In '47

Contributions to the church in 1947 totaled approximately $38,000, it was announced at the annual meeting of Knox United Church Wednesday night.
Missionary contributions totaled more than $7,330, the largest amount since before the 1929 depression. The mortgage on the church was reduced in outstanding principal to about $28,210, according to the report of the committee of stewards.
More than $400 was raised by the Angus Robertson Auxiliary, which also reported study meetings, a picnic and other activities.
A CONSIDERABLE sum has already been received towards a set of carillon bells, authorized by the congregation last fall, Dr. A. W. Park, chairman of the committee in charge, reported, and a general canvass for funds will be launched next week. The bells will be a war memorial.
Membership at the church totalled 1,683 persons at the end of the year, an increase of 30 members although 85 new members were recorded during 1947. 
A recommendation that a canvass of church membership should be made to determine who should be attending Sunday school was made by A. A. Duffin, superintendent of Sunday schools. He reported that enrollment was not high enough.
DONATIONS towards a doctor's residence at Battle River were reported by the Women's sionary Society and the group supplied its regular allocations to missions.
Improvements to the manse were reported by the Women's Association and the year was successful financially.
lected to the sessions for 1948 were Roy W. Austin, A. A. Duffin, H. M. Hartney, J. C. Laing, Lorne McInnes, Ernest W. Scott, Everett Watters, DouglasAgnew, W. A. Low, D. A. Mackenzie, F. L. Mull, L. J. Saucier, Douglas Thornton and Charles Young.
Members of the board of stewards for the coming year include Mrs. Norman Priestley, Mrs. Roy C. Austin, George Cromie, Gordon W. Foster, Gordon Forbes, E. H. Lewis, J. A. MacLeod, T. C. Miller, J. Grant Spratt and G. W. Skene.
Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-25