Calgary Herald

1948-01-23 Page 6


Scarboro Church W.A. Re-Elects Present Head

Mrs. E. P. Richardson was re-elected president of the  Women’s Association of Scarboro Ave. United Church at the annual meeting and pot-luck dinner held recently in the church parlors.
Annual reports by various officers showed an active and successful year.
THE FOLLOWING officers were installed by Rev. S. J. Parsons: Honorary president, Mrs. S. J. Parsons; past president, Mrs. R. B. Gale; president, Mrs. E. P. Richardson; first vice-president, Mrs. J. E. Galbraith; second vice-president, Mrs. Morley Gibbs; third vice-president, Mrs. K. R. McNeill; secretary, Mrs. Albert Dyson; treasurer, Mrs. S. J. Parkinson; visiting, Mrs. Reginald Payne; calendar, Mrs. C. M. Hanna and Mrs. R. L. Manning; manse, Mrs. H. I. Wilson and Mrs. Alfred Bjordal; program, Mrs. M. R. Wallace; flower, Mrs. James Elliot and Mrs. Winnie Beresford; kitchen, Mrs. George Brown and Mrs. Norman Brand; press, Mrs. V. E. Starr; United Nations, Mrs. J. E. Galbraith; social service, Mrs. R. J. Powell, and pianist, Mrs. S. J. Parsons.
Mrs. Winnie Beresford was soloist, accompanied by Mrs. S. J. Parsons.
A VOTE OF thanks was given to the following men who assisted with the dinner: Mr. C. W. McRoberts, Mr. Don Johnson, Mr. Eric Edwards, Mr. S. J. Parkinson, Mr. Murray Harper and Mr. Will McRoberts.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-05