Calgary Herald

1948-01-29 Page 16

Record Receipts Reported At Central Meeting
$79,500 Collected; 300 New Members Join Church

A total of $79,500 "the largest receipts in the history of the church" was collected during 1947, the annual meeting of Central United Church was told Wednesday. The financial report showed that general expenses had claimed $43,000 and missions had received $18,000.
More than 300 members were taken into the church last year, making the present membership 2,664.
THE REPORT from the building committee stated that the building now under construction, which is to house education rooms and a chapel, is expected to be in use by autumn. The congregation passed a resolution granting permission to borrow $10,000 which will be needed for the building.
A resolution was passed "unreservedly" approving the holding of the first assembly of the World Council of Churches at Amsterdam, Holland, Aug. 22 to Sept. 5. The purpose of the meeting will be the seeking of greater co-operation among the several branches of the Christian church.
Mr. Justice C. J. Ford, a member of the Calgary church, is one of the six Canadian delegates named to attend the assembly, and he was felicitated on this honor.
Reports from the Sunday school, the Women's Missionary Society, the Evening Auxiliary and the Mission Circle all showed a successful year with good receipts and attendance. A gift of $300 was sent to Trinity United Church in East Calgary to assist in renovation.
SEVENTEEN PERSONS were elected to the session while 53 still have to complete their term of office. Those elected include: H. C. Butler, Harold Crandell, Mrs. Murray Gardiner, Harland Irvine, D. K. Jeffrey, H. M. Kelley, J. C. Robertson, T. G. Thorsen, A. W. Hobbs, G. A. Hoover, Norman Kennedy, Roger Flumerfelt, Glenn House, Leslie Pawson, William Hackett, T. B. Northfield and F. E. Ward.
Fourteen members elected to the committee of 28 stewards were F. G. Buchanan, Judge R. M. Edmanson, J. Glen Elder, W. B. Harringshaw, R. M. Johnston, J. E. Love, W. A. MacFarlane, Lloyd Moulds, J. W. Moyer, W. H. Osborne, Harold Thorpe, G. L. Sparling, Allan R. Jones and Charles M. Raeper

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-20