Calgary Herald

1948-01-09 Page 6

Allocation Met By Group at Central United 

Central United Church evening auxiliary of the Women's Missionary Society held its annual meeting recently when reports of various secretaries were submitted.
A year of progress was reported with an increase in the membership shown and the allocation of $690 being raised. The stranger's secretary reported 1,512 calls, notes and gifts being made to the sick, shut-in and bereaved. A layette and hospital supplies were contributed to a northern Alberta hospital as well as a supply of used clothing for an Indian school.
REV. GORDON LAPP installed the new slate of officers for the year 1948 and missionary letters were read from Miss Jean Holt and Miss Isobel Clare, both of West China. 
The following are the officers: past president, Miss Edith McLean; p
resident, Mrs. G. P. Powles; first vice-president, Miss Effie Kidd; second vice-president, Miss Alma Walker; third vice-president, Miss Edith McCalla; secretary, Mrs. E. S. Buchan; treasurer, Miss Anne McDiarmid; flower and card convener, Miss Ethel Ross; literature and supply, Mrs. William Kemp; temperance and Christian citizenship, Miss Miriam Smith; community friendship, Miss Florence Currie; Christian stewardship and correspondence, Mrs. Enid Cameron; holiday cards, Mrs. J. McIlroy; supper committee, Mrs. S. O. Mitchell, Mrs. Baden Powell and, pianist, Mrs. S. H. Corben.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-08