Calgary Herald

1948-01-22 Page 7

Rev. C. A. Lawson Installs Slate At Central W.M.S.

Central United 
Church Women's Missionary Society held its annual meeting recently when reports of various secretaries were submitted.
A successful year was reported with an increase in membership, and the amount of $2,326 was raised.
Besides this amount a donation of $581, in memory of Mrs. W. H. Cushing, w
as sent to the presbyterial to be applied to the building of a doctor's residence at Battle River.
THE GROUPS together read 820 books, made 1,761 home calls and 773 hospital calls. One hundred and seventeen sewn articles were made for the RedCross.
. C. A. Lawson installed the new slate 
of officers as follows: honorary president, Mrs. C. A. Lawson; past president, Mrs. H. E. Crowle; president, Mrs. E. Geehan; first vice-president, Mrs. W. B. Fraser; second vice-president, Mrs. H. S. Jenkins; third vice-president, Mrs. A. Austin; fourth vice-president, Mrs.Roy Edmanson; recording secretary, Mrs. N. Desmond; corresponding secretary, Mrs. F. E. Graham; treasurer, Mrs. A. R. Williamson; Christian stewardship, Mrs. M. L. Bowen; temperance secretary, Miss E. Austin; literature secretary, Mrs. J. C. McLeod; press, Mrs. L. Larson; associate helpers, Mrs. B. Trimble; missionary monthly, Miss E. Colman; supply secretary, Mrs. T. R. Lancaster; community friendship, Mrs. A. West; pianist, Miss D. Dixon. 
GROUP LEADERS are: United, Mrs. T. W. Northfield; Elbow Park, Mrs. George Moffat; Mission, Mrs. A. West; Central, Mrs. L. F. Clarke; and Mount Royal, Mrs. C. J. Ford.
Mrs. George Moffat and Mrs. A. West were elected delegates to the presbyterial to be held Feb. 4 and 5 in Knox United Ch

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-05