Calgary Herald

1948-01-24 Page 6

Guest Tea Planned By Christ Church W.A. 

At a well attended meeting of 
Christ Church Women’s Auxiliary held in the guild room, annual reports showed a successful year had been completed. Plans were made to hold a guest tea in the church hall.
Rev. W. H. H. Crump installed the following: 
Honorary president, Mrs. W. H. H. Crump; president, Mrs. E. H. Boalch; vice-president, Mrs. G. A. Sproule;secretary, Mrs. R. S. Trowsdale; treasurer, Mrs. H. C. Chopin; Dorcas supply secretary, Mrs. H. E. Howard; educational secretary, Mrs. F. H. Pearce; little helpers', Mrs. George Fordyce; united thankoffering, Mrs. C. W. Long; Living Message, Mrs. A. Hobbe; delegates to the annual diocesan meeting, Mrs. D. G. Mackenzie and Mrs. E. C. Macfarlane with Mrs. G. S. Munn and Mrs. C. W. Long as substitutes; and tea convener, Mrs. J. C. Fewkes.

Extracted by J. Kynman