Calgary Herald

1948-03-12 Page 10

W.M.S. Officers At Tongue Creek 

HIGH RIVER, March 12-- The Tongue Creek W.M.S. Wednesday, met at the home of Mrs. George Kinnear, with Mrs. George Cowling presiding. Owing to snow-blocked roads previous meetings had been irregular, and the program included items previously bypassed.
Rev. J. W. Bainbridge conducted the "World's Day of Prayer" service, and, afterward installed the following officers for the year:
HONORARY presidents, Mrs. F. Hartell and Mrs. U. G. Hartwick; president, Mrs. G. Cowling; vice-president, Mrs. W. McGillivray; secretary, Mrs. W. Hartell; treasurer, Mrs. F. Hartwick; Christian stewardship, Mrs. C. King; literature, Mrs. R. Kinnear; community friendship, Mrs. A. King.
TEMPERANCE, Mrs. W. Lockhart; supply secretary, Mrs. F. Lawrence; baby band, Mrs. J. Hartman; associate members, Mrs. G. McKee; press secretary, Mrs. K. Bokvist.
Mrs. Norman Kinnear reported on the recent meeting of presbyterial at Okotoks. The April meeting is planned to be held at the home of Mrs. F. Hunter.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-16