Calgary Herald

1948-01-19 Page 6

Church Mortgage Paid Off By Hillhurst W.A. 

At a recent meeting of the 
W.A. of Hillhurst United Church a project extending over a number of years was completed when the association paid off the mortgage on the church property. Plans were made to hold a celebration and burn the mortgage.
THE SLATE for the new year consists of: 
honorary president, Mrs. A. F. Marsh; past president, Mrs. A. T. Lower; president, Mrs. B. D. Roberts; first vice-president, Mrs. F. Hodson;  second vice-president, Mrs. James Orr; third vice-president, Mrs. Joseph Whitehead; fourth vice-president, Mrs. Jean Brown; fifth vice-president, Mrs. W. F. Rook; recording secretary, Mrs. D. J. Johnson; correspondence, Mrs. J. B. Lebeau; treasurer, Mrs. R. G. Richardson; devotional, Mrs. C. J. Hatfield; pianist, Mrs. H. L. Staples; program, Mrs. J. G. Anderson and Mrs. W. G. Guthrie; flowers, Mrs. David Kennedy; heart sisters, Mrs. A. F. Marsh; press, Mrs. E. J. McConnell; social service, Mrs. Laura Hunt; dining room, Mrs. A. J. Mann and Mrs. Patricia Hughes; buying committee, Mrs. J. F. Fisher and Mrs. William Nicholson; and cupboards, Mrs.  A. J. Mann and Mrs. A. V. Desson.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-28