Calgary Herald

1948-01-10 Page 6

Mrs. W. F. Rook New President Of Church W.M.S. 

Mrs. W. F. Rook was elected president of the W.M.S. of Hillhurst United Church at the annual meeting held Monday in the church assembly hall.
Annual reports showed a successful year had been completed and the allocation had been exceeded. Numerous calls were made to the sick and shut-in. Nine new books which were awarded to the society for being the "best read auxiliary in the Calgary Presbyterial," were added to the library.
OTHER OFFICERS elected were: honorary president, Mrs. A. F. Marsh; past president, Mrs. R. N. Clark; first vice-president, Mrs. William Shearer; second vice-president, Mrs. Andrew Wood; third vice-president, Mrs. William McLeod; fourth vice-president, Mrs. B. D. Roberts; recording secretary, Mrs. J. E. Starratt; corresponding secretary, Mrs. R. B. Francis; treasurer, Mrs. Fred Acton; secretary of Christian stewardship, Mrs. S. G. Gregg; community friendship secretary, Mrs. A. F. Marsh; temperance, Mrs. E. B. Shantz; missionary monthly, Mrs. L. A. Hunt; press, Mrs. D. B. Schooley; supply secretary, Mrs. A. T. Lower; associate helpers' secretary, Mrs. L. J. Harvey; literature, Mrs. E. S. Frost; pianist, Mrs. S. G. Gregg; and auditor, Mrs. A. E. Waite.
The installation was conducted by Rev. A. F. Marsh.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-08