Calgary Herald

1948-01-22 Page 6

Mrs. H. A. Carey Heads Ogden W.A. 

At the annual meeting of the W.A. of Ogden United Church held recently, favorable reports from various branches of the organization were given. Mrs. H. A. Carey was elected president.
Those installed by Rev. J. E. Ball were: Honorary president, Mrs. J. E. Ball; president, Mrs. Carey; first vice-president, Mrs. L. Bilton; second vice-president, Mrs. Joseph Waddington; third vice-president, Mrs. A. J. Dyer; secretary, Mrs. W. Patterson; treasurer, Mrs. John Paton; devotional secretary, Mrs. J. G. McKelvey; sewing convener, Mrs. D. Yeatman; flower and sick convener, Mrs. Joseph Waddington; and visiting program, Mrs. A. J. Boote.
Officers for the Women's Missionary Society are, program,  Mrs. A. J. Dyer; treasurer, Mrs. L. Bilton; secretary, Mrs. W. Patterson; and visiting program, Mrs. A. J. F. Ball.


Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-05