Calgary Herald

1948-02-05 Page 24

Church Official Ends 50 Years In Position 

(By Herald Correspondent)
OKOTOKS, Feb. 5-- William Fisher, secretary-treasurer of the United Church in Okotoks for the past 31 years, tendered his resignation at the annual meeting Monday night. Mrs. W. E. Noble was elected to the office. 
Mr. Fisher has been a church secretary for well over 50 years and 44 years of this period has been spent in Okotoks. When less than 20 years of age he held a temporary secretaryship in the Methodist-Episcopal Church in Norham, Ont., where he was born in 1864.
MOVING TO Midland, in 1896 he served as secretary of the Methodist Church for five years. He was also connected with church work in Trenton.
In 1903 Mr. Fisher came west and settled in Okotoks and before the year was out he was installed as the secretary of the Methodist church, in which position he remained until the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches united in 1917. Since that date he has served continuously as the secretary-treasurer of the United Church here.
OTHER OFFICERS named at the meeting for 1948 were as follows: Sunday School, senior superintendent, Rev. J. V. Howey; junior superintendent, Mrs. Mary Bailey; secretary-treasurer, Thor Thorson.
The names of Thor Thorson, Ben Rye and A. L. Nixon were added to the members of the session, while H. E. McKay and David Lewis were elected to the board of stewards for a two year term. Named to the board for a three year period were W. J. Snodgrass, Thomas Sandeman Jr. and W. M. Davies.
REPORTS SUBMITTED by the the various departments of the church showed that an outstanding amount of work had been done in all fields. Miss Ethel Tucker reported for the senior choir and Miss Margie McCrae for the junior.
The C.G.I.T. and the Y.P.S. reports were given by Miss Hazel Wild, and the W.M.S. by Mrs. Victor Rehn, the W.A. by Mrs. M. W. Davies, and the Sunday School report by Thor Thorson. 144 members are in the Sunday School.
M. W. Davies gave a detailed report on the repairs made to the manse.
In his report, Rev. Mr. Howey reported that 177 families, representing 565 persons are adherents of the United Church and that the membership now stands at 218, an increase of nine over last year.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-11