Calgary Herald

1948-01-13 Page 6

Slate Installed By Church Group 

Mrs. Robert Forrest was elected president of the Pleasant Heights United Women’s Association at the annual meeting held recently.
Other officers 
elected were: honorary president, Mrs. Richard Upton; vice-president, Mrs. H. R. Kelly; secretary, Mrs. Bram Goodwin; treasurer, Mrs. Fred Miller; social conveners, Mrs. Alex Stewart and Mrs. Alex McIntosh; visiting committee, Mrs. Fred Burnett, Mrs. William Baldwin, Mrs. E. M. Melendy and Mrs. Charles Grant; press secretary, Mrs. E. S. Morton; delegate to the W.A. council, Mrs. A. S. Hammill.
Final arrangements were made for the annual church supper to be held February 5 when the yearly reports will be 

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-08