Calgary Herald

1948-01-24 Page 3

Pro-Cathedral Officers
C. H. Boucher Elected Warden For 11th Year

C. H. Boucher was re-elected people's warden of the Pro-Cathedral of the Redeemer for his 11th successive term at the annual meeting Thursday.
Mr. Boucher has been in Calgary since 1911 and was vestry clerk for five years before becoming people's warden. He served as honorary secretary-treasurer for the Calgary diocese of the Church of England from 1942 to 1944.
Resolutions of "affectionate regard" were sent to the Very Rev. Frank H. Smye, former dean, now en route to England, and to Dr. George B. Snell, the new rector who is expected in Calgary next week.
ARCHDEACON R. Axon served as president during the absence of a rector.
A successful financial year was reported with almost $30,300 in receipts received. Contributions were made to the War Memorial Fund and to the Anglican advance appeal. E. L. Baker, delegate to the Synod, said there was a necessity of additional envelope subscribers to secure the income of the parish.
Ernest E. Peterson, vestryman, reported on the progress of the War Memorial Fund and urged that parishioners endeavor to complete the scheme during 1948.
S. S. Nelson was re-appointed rector's warden.
MEMBERS ELECTED delegates to the Synod were: Mr. Nelson, Mr. Baker, Mr. Boucher, Lawrence Parker, Harold Fox, and W. R. Halpenny. Alternatives to Synod: C. E. Pinnell, L. S. Partridge, A. R. Turner, T. W. Baker, E. S. Hoare and O. L. Foster.
Vestrymen elected: Mr. Baker, Mr. Parker, Mr. Peterson, Robert Hilton, Mr. Partridge, Mr. Pinnell, Mr. Fox, Hugh C. Boucher, Herbert Bouts, Mr. Baker, Mr. Turner and Mr. Hoare.
All organizations turned in reports which indicated a healthy condition of parish activities

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-10