Calgary Herald

1948-01-22 Page 6


Mrs. E. G. Forbes Installs Double Slate of Officers 

The officers of the Scarboro United Church Women’s Missionary Society and the Elda Daniels' Evening Auxiliary were installed at a joint service recently by Mrs. E. G. Forbes, past president of the Dominion Board of the Women’s Missionary Society of the United Church.
OFFICERS ELECTED for the Women’s Missionary Society were: honorary
 president, Mrs. S. J. Parsons; past president, Mrs. Lillian Richardson; president, Mrs. Anton Anderson; first vice-president, Mrs. M. R. Wallace; second vice-president, Mrs. William Surplis; third vice-president, Mrs. Ivan Crooks; recording secretary, Mrs. W. G. Rogers; corresponding secretary and Christian stewardship, Mrs. Albert Dyson; treasurer, Mrs. Henry Porter; program, Mrs. Ivan Robison; literary secretary, Mrs. C. W. Oxley; temperance and Christian citizenship, Mrs. R. G. Powell; supply secretary, Mrs. Bessie Scott; missionary monthly, Mrs. J. F. Moodie; community friendship, Mrs. A. G. Graves; pianist, Mrs. S. J. Parsons; press, Mrs. Fred Patton; welcome committee, Mrs. W. E. Hymas and Mrs. W. McRoberts; social, Mrs. H. E. D. Ashford and Mrs. Bessie Scott.
THOSE INSTALLED for the Elda Daniels' Evening Auxiliary were: honorary president, Mrs. S. J. Parsons; past 
president, Mrs. Ruskin Carter; president, Mrs. J. C. Ewing; vice-president, Mrs. W. E. Towers; secretary, Mrs. E. D. Hall; treasurer, Mrs. Herbert Boon; literary and supply secretary, Mrs. Jack Ward; temperance and Christian stewardship, Mrs. R. H. McMillan; missionary monthly and press, Mrs. P. F. Eldridge; community friendship, Mrs. S. H. Pearce; phoning committee, Mrs. G. G. Shaw and Mrs. W. R. Nicholls; missionary conveners, Mrs. M. K. Stevens and Mrs. Isabel Lorsbach; education conveners, Mrs. J. L. Perkins and Mrs. Graham Hamilton; social conveners, Mrs. T. G. Rutherford and Mrs. J. K. Mowatt.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-05