Calgary Herald

1948-01-10 Page 6

St. Barnabas W.A. Installs 1948 Executive 

Mrs. W. E. Thompson was returned for a second term as president of St. Barnabas Woman's Auxiliary at the annual meeting held recently in the parish hall with Rev. J. E. Birchall in the chair. Reports showed a successful year.
OTHERS INSTALLED on the executive were: honorary president, Mrs. J. E. Birchall; honorary vice-presidents, Mrs. T. G. Eastland and Mrs. William Hawkswood; first vice-president, Mrs. H. F. Whittred; second vice-president, Mrs. A. A. Grindley; secretary, Mrs. R. J. Appleton; treasurer, Mrs. H. V. Lewis; little helpers' secretary, Mrs. George Healey; Dorcas secretary, Mrs. H. F. Matthews; united thankoffering, Mrs. F. H. Denham; living message secretary, Mrs. E. G. Davies; librarian, Mrs. Reginald Davis; educational secretary, Mrs. W. B. Compton; visiting conveners, Mrs. B. A. Hitchen and Mrs. David Rodgers; sewing convener, Mrs. R. V. B. Ellis; aprons, Mrs. Milton Hicks; prayer partner secretary, Miss C. E. Thompson; pianist, Mrs. A. H. Kelly; and church boys' league, Miss Margaret Gibney.
Delegates to the annual W.A. meeting are: Mrs. Leonard Phillips and Mrs. H. F. Whittred with Mrs. Ernest Kraft and Mrs. H. F. Matthews as substitutes.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-08