Calgary Herald

1948-01-24 Page 6

Mrs. John Dawson Made Life Member Of Diocesan 

Mrs. John Dawson was made a diocesan life member and presented with a gold pin at the annual meeting of the W.A. of St. John the Evangelist held recently in the church hall. Mrs. R. J. Cuthiell made the presentation on behalf of the members.
The following officers we
re re-elected and installed by Rev. W. N. Turner: honorary president, Mrs. W. N. Turner; honorary vice-presidents, Mrs. A. E. Cross, Mrs. G. H. Wait and Mrs. William Haley; president, Mrs. R. J. Cuthiell; vice-presidents, Mrs. John Dawson and Mrs. D. M. Christison; secretary, Mrs. H. G. Miller; treasurer, Mrs. A. C. Larsen; Dorcas secretary, Mrs. O. P. Funk; educational secretary, Mrs. A. B. Morris; Living Message secretary, Mrs. D. M. Christison; united thankoffering, Mrs. Harry Hall; sewing conveners, Mrs. H. G. Miller and Mrs. E. J. Dean; prayer partner, Mrs. Maud Boulter; social convener, Mrs. E. V. Burvil; kitchen, Mrs. Cyril Hulme; press, Mrs. A. B. Morris; and cent-a-day convener, Miss Frances Pearce. 
DELEGATES TO THE annual meeting, Mrs. H. G. Miller and Mrs. Harry Hansford with Mrs. Christison and Mrs. Dean as substitutes; delegate to the Alberta Council on Child and Family Welfare, Mrs. Harry Hall.
Later tea was served in the rectory when a bouquet of spring flowers was presented to Mrs. Dawson. In addition to regular branch members other guests and older members who attended were Mrs. Robert Suitor, first president of the group which was organized in 1906; Mrs. G. H. Wait, Mrs. William Haley and Mrs. John Nicholson, who have been members for many years; Mrs. J. H. Jackson, president in 1928 and now of St. Stephen's parish; and Mrs. A. H. Buck, secretary of the organization in 1932 and later president, who is now in the parish of the Pro-Cathedral Church of the Redeemer

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-10