Calgary Herald

1948-02-02 Page 18

Officers Elected at First Meeting Of New Year

Mrs. F. G. King was elected president of the W.A. of St. Mark’s Church at the first meeting of 1948 held recently. The annual reports showed a successful year. Plans were made for a pancake tea to be held on Shrove Tuesday.
Other officers elected were: Mrs. Robert Axon and Mrs. William Askew, honorary presidents; Mrs. W. J. Holmes, vice-president; Mrs. W. H. Davies, treasurer; Mrs. Arthur Townsend, Mrs. R. Herridge, Mrs. R. Talbot and Mrs. J. R. Queen, sewing conveners; Mrs. A. F. Haddock, little helper's secretary; Mrs. W. J. Holmes, Mrs. Stanley Jones and Mrs. R. N. Cocks, kitchen conveners; Mrs. W. C. Collier, Mrs. Sidney Reid and Mrs. George Loxam, sick and visiting committee.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-06