Calgary Herald

1948-01-16 Page 7

Mrs. E. W. Marsden Heads W.A. Group

Mrs. E. W. Marsden was re-elected president of St. Michael and All-Angels' evening branch of the W.A. at a meeting held recently. All reports showed a successful year.
Rev. C. E. Reeve installed the following officers: Hon. president, Mrs. C. E. Reeve; honorary vice - president, Mrs. W. G. Greenfield; president, Mrs. Marsden; vice-presidents, Mrs. H. E. Halpin and Mrs. S. A. Pople; secretary, Mrs. L. W. Bessell; treasurer, Mrs. Jack Bewick; Dorcas secretary, Mrs. L. Devitte; little helpers' secretary, Mrs. J. S. Barclay; educational secretary, Mrs. C. A. Loudon; prayer partner, Mrs. R. C. Spicer; thanks offering secretary, Mrs. Forbes Simpson; social service secretaries, Mrs. John Scott and Mrs. F. H. Sterling; membership convener, Mrs. J. Sterling, and tea convener, Mrs. J. E. Weightman.
Delegates to the annual diocesan meeting are Mrs. J. Sterling and Mrs. A. M. Perrin, with Mrs. R. W. J. Wright and Mrs. O. S. Green as alternatives.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-28