Calgary Herald

1948-01-22 Page 6

Group Completes Successful Year 

St. Michael's W.A. afternoon branch held its annual meeting recently in the guild room of the church and reports submitted indicated a successful year had been completed.
Rev. C. E. Reeve installed the following officers: Honorary president, Mrs. C. E. Reeve; honorary vice-president, Mrs. W. G. Greenfield; president, Mrs. A. E. King; vice-president, Mrs. F. C. A. Clark; treasurer, Mrs. M. Skeys; secretary, Mrs. J. H. Wolfe; dorcas secretary, Mrs. M. Redfern; Little Helpers' secretary, Mrs. J. S. Barclay; girls' leader, Mrs. J. Storey; united thankoffering, Mrs. A. Hutchison; educational and living message, Mrs. A. M. Taylor; prayer partner, Mrs. W. C. Wright; tea convener, Mrs. W. H. Kennon, and bazaar convener, Mrs. C. Clennet.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-05