Calgary Herald

1948-01-14 Page 6

Rev. C. D. Powell Installs L.A. Officers

Rev. C. D. Powell addressed members of St. Paul's United Church Ladies' Aid recently at a meeting in the church parlors. He congratulated the group on its success during the past year and installed officers for 1948.
The slate includes: President, Mrs. H. C. Salmon; past president, Mrs. H. A. Elford; first vice-president, Mrs. W. A. Johnstone; second vice-president, Mrs. Bert Shaver; secretary, Mrs. Robert McAdam; treasurer, Mrs. W. A. McNabb; devotional, Mrs. C. D. Powell and Mrs. A. M. Elson; sick and visiting, Mrs. S. H. Pritchard; membership, Mrs. Ernest Rutz; pianist, Mrs. A. M. Elson; flowers, Mrs. E. L. Chapman; manse committee, Mrs. H. C. Salmon and Mrs. W. A. McNabb; keeper of the keys, Mrs. Robert McAdam; and press, Mrs. C. D. Powell.
THE SOCIAL committee consists of Mrs. J. H. Whittiker, Mrs. B. L. Oulton, Miss May Johnstone, Mrs. Robert Wallace and Mrs. A. B. Nicholson.
Mrs. H. C. Salmon, Mrs. W. A. McNabb, Mrs. B. L. Chapman and Mrs. W. A. Johnstone are on the committee for Mount View Home.
Those on the nominating committee which presented the slate of officers were Mrs. E. L. Chapman, Mrs. A. B. Nicholson and Mrs. A. M. Elson.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-28