Calgary Herald

1948-01-07 Page 6

Mrs. J. C. Jones Heads Church Guild 

Mrs. J. C. Jones 
was elected president of St. Stephen’s Church Guild at the annual meeting held recently in the guild room.
A purse was presented to the retiring president, Mrs. A. L. W. Saunders, by Mrs. Jones on behalf of guild members.
The new slate includes honorary president, Mrs. E. H. Maddocks; past 
president, Mrs. A. L. W. Saunders; president, Mrs. J. C. Jones; first vice-president, Mrs. N. Cranston; second vice-president, Mrs. E. R. Withell; press, Mrs. C. O. Brown; tea convener, Mrs. S. C. Murison; and executive, Mrs. H. M. Burleigh, Mrs. G. R. Hulbert, Mrs. S. C. Murison, Mrs. J. W. Bathgate and Mrs. L. J. Munn.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-05