Calgary Herald

1948-01-08 Page 6

Reports Given At Annual Meeting of W.A.

Successful  reports were presented at the annual meeting of St. Stephen's Church Senior Women’s Auxiliary held recently in the church hall.
The following officers were installed: Honorary president, Mrs. E. H. Maddocks; honorary vice-president, Mrs. C. Towner; president, Mrs. C. C. Hallam; first vice-president, Mrs. E. D. McGreer; second vice-president, Mrs. G. G. Geary; secretary, Mrs. R. O. Sykes; treasurer, Mrs. J. H. Jackson; Dorcas secretary, Mrs. J. Murray; living message secretary, Mrs. William McRae; prayer partner, Mrs. W. Attwood; educational secretary, Mrs. McGreer; united thankoffering secretary, Mrs. H. Cappleman; librarian, Mrs. A. C. Rhodes; calendar secretary, Mrs. J. M. McFarland; girls' secretary, Miss E. Dewar; junior secretary, Miss G. Pleau; little helpers, Mrs. L. Smith; refreshments, Mrs. W. J. Gray; sick visiting, Mrs. B. C. Boyd; and pianist, Mrs. G. A. Reid.
Delegates appointed to the annual diocesan meeting are Mrs. C. H. Garvie and Mrs. Sykes with Mrs. Rhodes and Mrs. Geary as substitutes.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-08