Calgary Herald

1948-02-02 Page 6

Mrs. W. D. Mair Elected Head of New Church Group

Mrs.  W. D. Mair, interim president of the Calgary Presbyterial of the Woman’s Association of the United Church of Canada since its organization October 20, was unanimously elected to maintain that office at the all-day rally Friday in Knox United Church. More than 250 women attended from the 28 United churches in Calgary and surrounding towns which comprise the presbytery.
Rev. S. J. Parsons, chairman of the Calgary presbytery, conducted the election and installation of officers following the presentation of the slate by Mrs. F. W. Waterman, nominating convener.
EXECUTIVE OFFICERS are all Calgary women and include: Honorary president, Mrs. G. E. Forbes; president, Mrs. Mair; vice-president, Mrs. F. G. Hudson; recording secretary, Mrs. S. G. Gregg; corresponding secretary, Mrs. J. Hamill; literature secretary, Mrs. W. C. McCalla; treasurer, Mrs. R. L. Manning, and publicity, Mrs. Jack C. Gordon.
Mr. Parsons, bringing greetings from the Calgary presbytery, paid tribute to the loyalty and work of the Woman's Association, saying that many churches functioning today might have closed at a loss to their communities if it had not been for the work of their individual woman's associations. He congratulated the women on the formation of the larger co-operative group and cited advantages to be derived from it.
REV. ALLEN HUBAND also brought greetings from Knox United Church and spoke of the work of church women throughout the world.
Mrs. G. E. Forbes, former editor of the Dominion board's "Missionary Monthly," as guest speaker, "challenged church women to be alert, ready for action to take an important place in weaving a better pattern of Canadian life."
"The place of women in the church is considered so important by the World Council of Churches, made up of 126 different church denominations all over the world, that a study will be made by 38 countries and a report presented when the council meets next fall in Amsterdam. The formation of a larger body such as the Calgary Presbytery Woman's Association provides an opportunity for a new and larger service for others in which co-operation is the keynote.
"THERE ARE MANY reforms we want to see, and in union there is strength. This is an age of adjustment and we must be ready to make changes. If we accept this and act on it we will make progress for a better Canada," Mrs. Forbes concluded.
At the morning session which opened with a welcome given by Mrs. N. F. Priestley, president of Knox United Church W.A., reports of the work done by the interim executive were given by Mrs. S. G. Gregg, secretary, and Mrs. F. W. Waterman, treasurer. Presidents of the local associations also submitted statements of their work.
MRS. MAIR EXPLAINED the benefit and responsibilities of the presbytery association which were also dealt with in a discussion led by Mrs. E. Corbett, assisted by Mrs. William Morrison, Mrs. F. H. Kidney, Banff; Mrs. A. J. Purvis, Three Hills; Mrs. J. M. Crerar, Mrs. K. B. Grant, Mrs. W. MacIntosh and Mrs. R. W. Trim, Calgary.
The worship service, prepared by the Dominion Council, was conducted by Mrs. Robert Laurie, and a memorial service was led by Mrs. E. P. Richardson. Miss Mary Stretton sang two songs accompanied by Miss Shirley Officer. Other pianists were Mrs Helen Jones and Mrs. A. C. Hogarth.
"A Know Your Neighbor"  luncheon and social hour was held in the afternoon when Mrs. T. B. Lowe brought greetings from the sister organization, the Calgary Presbyterial Women's Missionary Society.
Mrs. A. C. Smith was convener of the program committee and Mrs. E. P. Richardson, Mrs. Helen Jones and Mrs. William Little assisted with the registration.

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