Calgary Herald

1948-01-24 Page 6   


United Church W.MS.  Contributes to Home

Annual reports were heard at the January meeting of South Calgary United Church W.MS. held in the church parlors. The organization raised $207 for the Woman's Missionary Society of Canada and contributed to the Mount View Home.
The following officers w
ere inducted by Rev. O. F. Cypris: honorary president, Mrs. O. F. Cypris; past president, Mrs. B. J. Whitbread; president, Mrs. W.Worsnop; vice-president, Mrs. J. H. Halton; secretary, Mrs. S. Taylor; treasurer, Mrs. I. N. Loomer; Christian stewardship secretary, Mrs. J. H. Beatty; associate membership secretary, Mrs. D. Barclay; community friendship, Mrs. J. E. Field; press, Mrs. O. F. Cypris; magazine secretary, Mrs. A. E. James; supply secretary, Mrs. J. H. Beatty, literature, Mrs. L. G. Darby; Christian citizenship and temperance, Mrs. J. H. Beatty; mission band superintendent, Mrs. A. Glowa; pianist, Mrs. S. Taylor; and observer representative, Mrs. L. G. Darby.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-10