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Bishop Extends Congratulations
Christ Church Opens $30,000 Parish Hall

Rt. Rev. R. H. Ragg, Anglican Bishop of Calgary, officially opened the $30,000 parish hall at 
Christ Church Monday evening. He congratulated the rector, Rev. W. H. H. Crump and the people of the parish on their achievement.
The Bishop and Mrs. Ragg were guests of honor at the parish banquet.
ANNUAL REPORTS from all organizations showed progress. Sunday school membership had a large increase during 1947, according to John Payne, superintendent. The Women's Guild reported that it had furnished
 the new parish kitchen with stoves, a complete dinner service and flatware. The church reported 1941 receipts of $10,486.
new memorial cross and vases were presented to the church by Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Boalch. 
H. E. Howard was appointed rector's warden for 1948 and J. W. Ireland is people's warden.
Elected to the vestry were H. F. Critchley, Gordon Commings, E. R. Tavender, A. M. Millard, Carson MacWilliams, Dr. H. W. Price, J. E. A. Macleod, K.C., A. J. M. Round, L. J. Valentine, E. T. Willis, H. S. Young and John Webb.
DELEGATES to the synod are: Mr. Howard, Mr. Ireland, R. S. Munn and B. E. Hull. The alternatives are Mr. Cummings, E. D. Arnold, T. D. Forsythe, J. H. McDowell, and F. B. Archer. Members of the church decoration and memorials committee include the rector, Mrs. D. G. MacKenzie, Mr. Munn, Mr. McDowell and J. W. Littleton.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-20