Calgary Herald

1948-04-06 Page 6

Mrs. R. C. Marshall Retires As I.O.D.E. Regent 

EDMONTON, April 9 (CP)-- President of the Alberta Chapter of the Imperial Order, Daughters of the Empire, for the last 25 years, Mrs. R. C. Marshall retired Thursday and was succeeded by Mrs. Eleanor P. P. Griffith also of Edmonton.
Mrs. Griffith, the new president, previously was honorary secretary of the Provincial Chapter.
OTHER OFFICERS elected at the Order's annual meeting were:
Mrs. W. Stanley Ross, Edmonton, first vice-president; Mrs. C. C. Matthews, Calgary, second vice-president; Mrs. Fred Hick, Lethbridge, third vice-president; Mrs. W. T. Johnston, Banff, fourth vice-president; Mrs. W. H. Hill, Fort McMurray, fifth vice-president, and Mrs. J. J. Holden, Hythe, sixth vice-president.
Mrs. R. Bewley, Edmonton, treasurer; Mrs. R. Coles, Edmonton, secretary; Mrs. R. Roscoe, Edmonton, assistant secretary; Mrs. R. Schroter, Edmonton, education secretary; Mrs. James Bill, Edmonton, supply secretary; Mrs. T. C. Michie, Ponoka, organizing secretary; Mrs. Harold Patton, Medicine Hat, assistant organizing secretary; Nellie Walker, Lethbridge, "Echoes" secretary; and Mrs. A. Beatty, Banff, standard bearer.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-30