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1948-05-05 Page 6

American Woman's Club Awards 25-Year Pins

Twenty-five year pins were presented to five members of the American Woman's Club at their annual May luncheon held Tuesday afternoon at the club house.

 Those honored were Mrs. E. J. MacKay, Mrs. H. B. Powers, Mrs. H. K. Adams, Mrs. Frank Anderson and Mrs. H. E. O'Neil. Mrs. W. J. Duffy made the presentation.

OFFICERS ELECTED to the executive board for the coming year are: Past president, Mrs. Leo Pearson; president, Mrs. Fred Phillips; first vice-president, Mrs. Ben Cool; second vice-president, Mrs. A. N. Boyse; recording secretary, Mrs. G. G. Derry; corresponding secretary, Mrs. D. A. Sutherland; treasurer, Mrs. R. F. Lawrence; assistant treasurer, Mrs. A. L. Kolling.

 New committee chairman were also announced: Domestic science, Mrs. J. B. Oughton; arts and crafts, Mrs. C. G. Hillebrecht; travel department, Mrs. Guy Johnson; secretary of executive, Mrs. N. D. McLellan; board of trustees, Mrs. W. F. McNeill; constitution and bylaws, Mrs. G. M. Eaton; auditing, Mrs. J. W. Schmidt; calling committee, Mrs. W. M. Duncan; social services, Mrs. E. R. Briggs; music committee, Mrs. P. J. Maples; hospital and memorial, Mrs. A. P. Phillips; Year Book, Mrs. V. Forcade; summer committee, Mrs. Korels; bridge parties, Mrs. H. E. Hanson; Thanksgiving dinner, Mrs. R. D. Jewell; annual May luncheon, Mrs. T. H. Clark and Mrs. S. D. Sewall; United Nations Society, Mrs. Frank Anderson; Allied arts, Mrs. F. M. Motter.

MRS. F. M. MOTTER, the club representative in the Allied Arts Council, announced that the provincial government would give a grant of $500 this year toward the work being done at Coste House.

 Re-elected president, Mrs. Fred Phillips, presided at the luncheon and opened the meeting by extending a welcome to out-of-town guests. The recording secretary, Mrs. G. G. Derry, then read the annual report and Mrs. F. O. Eaton, corresponding secretary announced the registration of fifteen new members during the year. The treasurer's report was given by Mrs. V. Forcade.

THE CHAIRMEN of the following committees also gave their reports:

 Domestic science, Mrs. R. D. Jewell; arts and crafts, Mrs. Ben Cool; travel, Mrs. Guy Johnson; board of trustees, Mrs. W. F. McNeill; nominating committee, Mrs. C. G. Hillebrecht; auditing, Mrs. A. L. Kolling; calling committee, Mrs. D. A. Sutherland; social services, Mrs. J. W. Schmidt; music, Mrs. J. B. Oughton; hospital and memorial, Mrs. A. P. Phillips; Year Book, Mrs. C. V. Nielsen (read by Mrs. Fred Phillips); summer committee, Mrs. L. Oughton; good neighbor tea, Mrs. H. E. Hanson; cook book, Mrs. I. H. Brodie; rummage sale, Mrs. E. R. Briggs; May luncheon, Mrs. J. Ross Henderson.

 Spring flowers and pussy willows centred the tables at the luncheon, of which Mrs. J. Ross Henderson was convener


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