Calgary Herald

1948-04-19 Page 10

A joint board of trade and community club meeting was held Thursday. It was decided to combine the two clubs in the future.
P. EBERLY was elected president; Mrs. W. Robertson, first vice-president; W. Clapperton, second vice-president, and R. Luckham, secretary-treasurer. Directors are: E. Barker, G. Church, T. McKeage, W. Robertson and Mrs. P. Eberly.
The sports committee comprises: T. McKeage, D. McLaughlin, E. Barker, G. Grover, E. Ward; nurses home committee: K. Walker, E. Ward, G. Grover, W. Clapperton, Mrs. H Fraser; ground committee, W. Robertson, N. Van Dam, K. Walker; dance and hall committee, R. Bowman, M. McLean, Mrs. U. Ryan, J. Bickle.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-07