Calgary Herald

1948-01-29 Page 7

British Brides Present Pageant On Arrival Here 

A pageant 
depicting the arrival of the British war brides in Canada was arranged Monday evening in the auditorium of Col. Belcher Hospital for the patients by members of the Mrs. Canuck Club.
Members of the club, all British brides, took part in the sketch which showed their arrival in Canada, the reception by their soldier husbands and first impressions of this country.
MRS. GERALD WAGNER, convener and founder of the Mrs. Canuck Club, directed the program, which Major Wagner led in a sing-song.
At the close of the program, the League of Mercy, under the convenorship of Mrs. F. Garnett, provided refreshment.
THOSE WHO TOOK part were Mr. and Mrs. G. Sheppard, appearing as a war bride and veteran; Mrs. Jean Lyons, Indian squaw; Mrs. Muriel Anst, Indian chief; Mrs. H. M. Hood and Mrs. E. Vanginkal, French soldiers; Mrs. George Choquette and Mrs. R. Heninger, British soldiers.
Assisting with the program were Mrs. Charles Williamson, Mrs. Wilson, Lieut. Eva Stewart, Mr. Victor Bishop, Mrs. Nellie Goodall, Mrs. Burndred, Mrs. Bullen, Mrs. Mumford, Mrs. George Sheppard and Mrs. Sargant.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-20