Calgary Herald

1948-03-13 Page 29

Macnab To Head City Rifle Club

Bill MacNab was elected president of the Calgary Rifle club at its annual meeting Wednesday evening during which business for the coming year was discussed and a very competitive program adopted.
A vote of thanks was accorded to A. Lannon who donated a match rifle to
 the club and to A. Palin who donated a sporting rifle. 
Following are the other officers named for the coming year: vice-president, Eileen Birch;  secretary, Mary Wallace; treasurer, Alma Macnab; executive members: Alf Bjornebo, Phil Savage, Gwen Wick, John Nordtorp, Keith Oughton, Carl Nickle, Bob Hobbs (ju
nior representative).

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-16