Calgary Herald

1948-06-16 Page 7

Canadian Women Advocate Restriction On Communism 


Members of the Women's Canadian Club endorsed a resolution advocating the restriction of Communist activities in Canada passed recently at the Dominion convention of the Canadian Legion in Saskatoon. Mrs. M. G. Dover, M.B.E., retiring president, was in the chair and Mrs. A. E. McKay was named as the new chairman of the club.

 The new slate of officers is as follows: past president, Mrs. M. G. Dover; president, Mrs. A. E. McKay; first vice-president, Mrs. C. G. Nelson; second vice-president, Mrs. C. T. Woodside; third vice-president, Mrs. J. E. White; fourth vice-president, Mrs. J. J. Wilson; recording secretary, Mrs. E. P. Richardson; corresponding secretary, Mrs. G. K. Sheape.

 Literary secretary, Mrs. R. T. Baxter; treasurer, Mrs. O. P. Gosling; assistant treasurer, Mrs. L. J. Rosling;  councillors, Mrs. A. B. Cowan, Mrs. J. E. Keir, Mrs. H. L. McDonald, Mrs. James Edwards, Mrs. Z. W. Dean, Mrs. M. H. Ginsberg, Mrs. H. R. Cameron, and Mrs. Glen Peacock


Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-12-06