Calgary Herald

1948-01-11 Page 11

Carbon Masons Instal Officers 

CARBON, Jan. 15-- The following officers recently were installed for Carbon Masonic Lodge:
W.M., S. J. Canning; I.P.M., S.N. Wright Jr.; S.W., J. Atkinson Jr.; J.W., C. T. Ross; treasurer, D. E. Rusler; 
secretary, W. A. Braisher; chaplain, V. B. Hawkins; S.D., W. F. Ross; J.D., C. A. Cressman; I.G., L. A. Coates; Tyler, W. R. Van Loon; S.S, Frank Emery; J.S., L. Francis Poxon; D. of C., F. J. Sessant.
The installing master was W. A. Braisher and the director of ceremonies, F. J. Sessant.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-28