Calgary Herald

1948-05-10 - Page 7

$10,000 Offered Toward Hospital

(By Herald Correspondent)
DELIA, May 10-- J. B. McCully and Lester Battle were re-elected president and secretary-treasurer respectively at the annual meeting of the Delia and district Board of Trade. F. Ormiston was elected vice-president.
Others on the 1948 executive are: W. Gaetz, L. Dunfield, S. Coffin, J. Y. Fulton, M. Marshall, Mrs. V. Barss, Mrs. Lowe and Mrs. A. Mason.
HIGHLIGHT OF the well attended meeting was the offer of F. C. Richert to donate $10,000 towards the cost of establishing a hospital in Delia. Since this is a matter requiring the undivided attention of interested parties, a hospital investigation committee was immediately set up to deal with all business pertaining thereto.
This board will be composed of F. C. Richert as chairman, and four members, Mrs. V. Barss, M. Fitzsimmons, W. Gibson and F. Ormiston.
THE LOCAL board of trade is sponsoring a children's playground. Various citizens of the community are volunteering services and many donations are being received to make this project a success.
The condition of the No. 9 highway was discussed at some length and a letter was drafted to the de
partment of public works urging that this road be completely rebuilt before the proposed 1948 re-gravelling program gets underway. Other sections of secondary roads also received attention and various suggestions were offered in regard to each.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-14