Calgary Herald

1948-01-03 Page 10

Valley Masons Instal Officers 

(By Herald Correspondent)
DRUMHELLER, Dec. 3-- With a large number of the 
Masonic fraternity in attendance a joint installation of officers was conducted here Monday night with J. G. Dewar as installing Master.
Bruce R. Wade was installed master of 
Drumheller Lodge 146. Other officers consist of I.P.M., Gus Anderson; S.W., T. Seland; J.W., J. Ickringill; treasurer, H. A. Brown; secretary, J. Somers; chaplain, Fred Brown; S.D., Pat Brown; J.D., Charles Urch; S.S., J. Bigelow; J.S., Albert Potter; D. of C., E. A. Borlow; organist, R. Hoy; registrar, W. H. D. Anderson; and tyler, W. R. Fulton.
HAROLD BROOKS was installed master of Symbol Lodge 93, while the others are composed of I.P.M., J. T. Burton; S.W., J. P. Walls; J.W., John Gallagher; treasurer, G. C. Ford; secretary, J. Taylor; chaplain, B. Henry; S.D., A. Wilson; J.D., Bruce Vickers; S.S., Roland Winter; J.S.
, Robert Stevenson; D. of C., A. W. Irving; organist, W. H. Acton; registrar, Blake Vickers, and tyler, T. Campbell.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-07-28