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1948-06-14 Page 10

Gleichen Constituency W.I. Holds Elections

(By Herald Correspondent)

STRATHMORE-- Seventy members of the Women's Institutes of the Gleichen constituency gathered in annual conference in the Strathmore Memorial hall last week. Members were present from Langdon, Standard, Nightingale, Berryvale, Cluny, Queenstown and Lyalta.

 Officials in attendance were Mrs. E. Snider, formerly of Langdon and now of Calgary, constituency president; Mrs. E. Albertson, Langdon, secretary; Mrs. E. Hutchison, Warner, district director and Mrs. E. E. Morton of Vegreville, provincial president.

THE ADDRESS of welcome was given by Mrs. L. Hilton and responded to by Mrs. Somerville of Cluny.

 Mrs. Tom Taylor gave a paper in which she warned of the danger of disease from handling of gophers. She stressed the increased use of weed sprayers and then dealt at length with a subject recently discussed by Louis Bromfield: "Can the Earth Feed Its People?"

MRS. TAYLOR pictured the serious condition which faces the world unless urgent measures are taken at once to prevent soil erosion and careless farming. It behooves everyone to awake to the tragic condition that awaits unless strenuous measures are taken immediately to forestall a world of insufficient food.

 Here in Canada we are so accustomed to plenty that a food shortage seems impossible but the myth of a hungry world may become a serious reality unless genuine preventative measures are undertaken, the speaker stated.

HOUSEHOLD economics was the subject of a paper by Mrs. W. James of Cluny and ready by Mrs. Riley. Citizenship and naturalization was treated by Mrs. A. Albertson. Mrs. Jeffers of Queenstown gave a paper on social welfare. Mrs. Blue of Langdon gave the report of the Girls' Club.

 The various planks in the W.I. platform comprise: citizenship, social welfare, handicrafts, home economics, Canadianization, industries, agriculture, social service (work in community), publicity.

AT NOON luncheon was served by the Berryvale Institute. A hearty welcome was extended by Ex-Mayor T. S. Hughes on behalf of the town of Strathmore.

 Mrs. Hutchinson, as district director gave an address on the regulation, procedure and general aims of the institute. A worth-while project is the compilation of the early history of the various W.I.'s since 1937, a subject instituted by Lady Tweedsmuir.

THE MAIN project of the W.I. is support of the Cancer Fund. A "Book of Memories" containing thumb nail sketches of outstanding members in W.I. work is being given compiled and a prize will be given for the best set of reports given from April to Dec. 1948.

 Clothing for D.P.'s is asked to be sent to Mrs. T. Howes at Millet.

 Mrs. Geo. Thurston's paper on Citizenship was overflowing with practical suggestions for a broader outlook on race, religion and social position.

MRS. MORTON, provincial president, urged the establishing of libraries in every community, large or small. She followed with a word picture of her trip to the convention at Amsterdam, to which was added trips to London, Belgium and Paris. One of the serious subjects dealt with at the convention was the food problem which faces the world.

 Mrs. T. S. Hughes and Mrs. W. Mercer sang duets. Young Charles Mercer also entertained with two songs.

A DISPLAY of handiwork was shown, and judged by Miss C. McIntyre of Olds Agriculture School and Mrs. Garrett of Strathmore.

 Prizes were awarded to Langdon for the best group display of work and to Mrs. C. Way for the best individual piece.

ELECTION of officers placed the following: constituency convener, Mrs. H. Harriman, Nightingale; secretary, Mrs. Albertson; standing committees: agriculture and Canadian industries, Mrs. T. Taylor, Berryvale; citizenship, Mrs. MacKenzie, Lyalta; social welfare, Mrs. W. Somerville, Cluny; home economics, Mrs. A. Morton, Berryvale; social service, Mrs. J. Jeffers, Queenstown; handicraft, Mrs. A. E. Larsen, Nightingale; publicity, Mrs. E. Albertson, Langdon.

 The next annual convention will be held at Cluny with the Cluny Women's Institute as hostesses.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-30