Calgary Herald

1948-03-18  Page 26

Black Chapter Elects Officers 

The 30th annual session of the Grand Black Chapter of Alberta was held here in the Oddfellows' Hall, with R. I. Willis, grand master, presiding. Forty members from all parts of Alberta were present. Distinguished visitors included Robt. H. White, past grand master; J. E. Chaney, deputy grand master of the Grand Orange Lodge of British America; S. Winters, past grand master of the Grand Black Chapter of Saskatchewan.
Letters of greeting were received from the assistant deputy grand master of the 
Grand Orange Lodge of British America and the Grand Black Chapter of Saskatchewan.
RESOLUTIONS PASSED expressed strong opposition to any force which would tend to divide the citizens of Canada, either because of racial or religious grounds. Th
e granting of a license to the French language radio at Edmonton was opposed because of the tendency to cause racial strife and discord among the citizens of Alberta.
The new officers elected at the session are as follows: G.M., A. G. Erickson; D.G.M., L. E. McKay; A.D.M., P. N. Blunt; chaplain, H. C. Ball; registrar, R. L. Burke; treasurer, F. Plowman; lecturer, G. McChesney; deputy lecturer, M. E. Manz; censor, E. Hanlan; second censor, A. Hadley; 1st standard bearer, W. J. Grasby; 2nd standard bearer, C. Lobb, G. Marsh, H. R. Giffin; purser, R. J. Edgar; tyler, R. Jones; committee, A. T. Shaw, L. Habather, W. Donaldson, H. Bannerman, J. Bergdahl, G. Coupland, R. Willis; G. auditors, R. Haynes and G. Coupland.

Extracted by J. Kynman