Calgary Herald

1948-03-19 Page 6

Mrs. John Adamson Elected Grand Mistress of L.O.B.A. 

Mrs.  John Adamson of Edmonton was elected grand mistress of the L.O.B.A. in Alberta at the closing sessions of the provincial grand lodge Thursday in the Al Azhar Temple. Mrs. L. G. Fisher, Calgary, retiring grand mistress, was presented with a past mistresses collar by Mrs. Adamson and a gift from grand lodge officers.
Mrs. H. H. Stewart, of Wetaskiwin, assisted by Mrs. Ellen Shaw, of Victoria, Mrs. Alex. Gilfillan and Mrs. H. H. Quick, of Edmonton, conducted the election. Mrs. J. Murray, of Edmonton, presided during the installation of newly-elected officers, with Mrs. James Dawson, Edmonton, as director of ceremonies, assisted by Mrs. Harold Spicer, of Edmonton, and Mrs. R. E. Jones, of Red Deer.
OFFICERS INSTALLED were as follows: Deputy grand mistress, Mrs. R. W. Carter, Wainwright; junior deputy, Mrs. E. O. Wiltzen, Edmonton; grand chaplain, Mrs. M. M. Mozel, Camrose; grand secretary, Mrs. Teddy Attwood; deputy grand secretary, Mrs. A. H. Horton; grand treasurer, Mrs. R. W. Prendergast, Red Deer; deputy grand treasurer, Mrs. Mabel Gamble, Manville; director of ceremonies, Mrs. Leah Slater, Medicine Hat; lecturers, Mrs. C. Mowatt, Edmonton, and Mrs. Forest Plowman, Red Deer; director of juvenile lodges in Alberta, Mrs. E. Davies, Edmonton; and grand auditors, Mrs. W. A. Collins, Mrs. B. Watson, Banff, and Mrs. J. T. Rae.
ON BEHALF of the Edmonton lodge, of which she is a member, Mrs. Adamson was presented with a corsage by Miss Lila Parks. The former also received a floral gift from the Western Rose lodge in the capital.
Other corsages were given to Mrs. O. E. Wiltzen, Edmonton; Mrs. M. M. Mozel, Camrose; Mrs. M. Gamble, Manville; Mrs. Leah Slater, Medicine Hat; and Mrs. Teddy Attwood, all grand lodge officers.
A gift and a corsage was presented to Mrs. David Little, past grand mistress.
Among the delegates attending the session was Mrs. James Millen, past grand mistress of Alberta.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-20