Calgary Herald

1948-04-03 Page 7

Hanna Club Holds Elections

(By Herald Correspondent)

HANNA, April 3-- Dr
. L. E. Smith was elected president of the Hanna Fish and Game Association recenty. Vice-president is Herbert Berk; secretary-treasurer, Terry Foreman; assistant secretary, William McChesney.
Heading committees are: Clarence Mohl, A. Blockson, Frank MacLachlan, Danny Smith and Hom Butts.
THE CLUB ended the year with a balance in the bank.
DESPITE heavy snow members destroyed a considerable number of magpies, snowy owls, horned owls and goshawks. A dozen magpie traps have been set out in the dump ground and yielded several of these of these birds.
Several members suggested the advisability of going to local schools and giving short talks on how to preserve the feet of shot birds, 
and the proper hawks to shoot.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-30