Calgary Herald

1948-03-12 Page 10


Scout Group Officers Named

(By Herald Correspondent)
HIGH RIVER, March 2-- The men's section of the supervisory parents 
group of the High River Scout Association was recently re-organized. T. Logan was re-elected chairman, and Ernie Briggs as secretary.
following sub-committees were appointed: Transportation, Stan Anderson, A. M. Field, and L. Johnson; hall, J. Hanson, L. Heywood, Joe Caldwell; Grounds, R. Golightly, L. Frey, C. A. Clark; leaders, Don Blake, Rev. M. Vaughn-Birch, Vance Hitchner; ways and means, Stan Anderson, L. Johnson, A. Taylor, C. A. Clark; equipment, E. Proehl, C. Young, D. King, A. Taylor.
At a recent meeting of the women's branch, which handles the Guides and Brownies, Mrs. W. E. M. Holmes was elected chairman, Mrs. A. Watkins, secretary, and Mrs. C. A. Faruharson, treasurer.

Extracted by J. Kynman