Calgary Herald

1948-01-14 Page 6

Hussar O.E.S. Elects Officers

HUSSAR, Jan. 14-- Officers of Hussar Chapter No. 92, O.E.S., were recently installed, with Mrs. Mabel Armitage, A.G.M. of the grand chapter of Alberta, as the grand installing officer, assisted by Mr. Harry Chamney, W.G.P., and Mrs. Margaret C. Bell, A.G.C. The grand marshal was Mrs. Sigrid Knudsen, assisting G.M. Mrs. Marie Larsen, the grand chaplain, Mrs. Rose Brown; grand organist, Mrs. Doris Stitt; A.G.M., Mrs. Evelyn Snyder; G.C., Mrs. Milly Wheatley; A.G.C., Mrs. Alice Field; grand warder, Mrs. Esther Brown; soloist, Mrs. Bessie Bloom.
THE OFFICERS installed were: Worthy matron, Mrs. Ellen Armstrong; Worthy Patron, 
Edward J. Bell; Associate Matron, Mrs. Violet LeGrandeur; Associate Patron, Jack L. Treacy; treasurer, Mrs. Marie Larsen; conductress, Mrs. Lily Treacy; associate conductress, Mrs. Sigrid Knudsen; chaplain, Mrs. Leonore Detther; marshal, Mrs. Mildred Simmons; oragnist, Miss Ruth Brown; Adah, Mrs. Jessie Kirkpatrick; Electa, Mrs. Rose Brown; warder, Mrs. Thelma Anderberg; sentinel, Mrs. Paul Larsen.
Mrs. Margaret C. Bell installed her husband, E. J. Bell, as worthy patron.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-28