Calgary Herald

1948-04-03 Page 12

Junior Gun Club Formed At 'Hat

MEDICINE HAT, April 3-- A junior branch of the Medicine Hat Fish and Game Association was organized Thursday evening with a large group in attendance.
Officers elected were: Buckley Ratcliffe, president; Glen McKenzie, treasurer; Lloyd Eckroth, recording secretary; Doris Schow and Jean Newton, directors. Two more directors and two vice-presidents will be elected at an early meeting of the branch.
CITIZENS offered the new branch a fishing trophy to be competed for yearly, and a $15 fishing reel. Lorne Angle may give instruction in target practice, and another member assistance in the handing of a shot gun.
Besides conservation of wild life and instruction in the use of fire arms the program outlined for the club includes the study of soil conservation, fire prevention, and reforestation measures.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-30