Calgary Herald

1948-01-24 Page 6


Officers Elected By O.O.R.P. Lodge 

Mrs. Mary Mowbray was named loyal lady of the O.O.R.P. Calgary Lodge No. 7, at a recent meeting. Officers were installed by the district deputy honored royal lady, Jessie Kelly.
Other officers elected were: Mrs. Jean Ludlow, honored royal lady; Mrs. Nellie Wood, associate royal lady; Mrs. Lena McLennan, lecturing lady; Mrs. Jessie Kelly, secretary; Mrs. Helen Malcolm, treasurer; Mrs. Harriet Daniels, chaplain; Mrs. Susan Payne, conductress; Mrs. Louise Campbell, pianist; Mrs. F
lorence Astell, historian; Mrs. Mary Shaw, three-year trustee; Mrs. May Paache, inner guard; Mrs. Lena Coventry, outer guard.
MISS VI MOWBRAY was elected captain of the degree team and other members of the team are: Miss Kathleen Blackwell, Miss Andrea Tweedie, Mrs. Anna Izzard, Mrs. Helen McGowan, Mrs. Catherine Shellska and Mrs. Bernice Boyland.
Members of the lodge maintain a ward in the Junior Red Cross Crippled Children's hospital and arrangements are being made to do the same in the new hospital when it is built.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-09-10