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1948-03-18 Page 10

Roles Well Handled 
Polished Show Given By Operatic Society 

Operatic Society of Crescent Heights high school presented a well-staged and polished performance of the two-act operetta, "Bitter Sweet Anne" in the school auditorium Wednesday night. Several roles were handled exceptionally well and the supporting cast was adequate.
Noreen Norris played the leading lady as Princess Diane. She was well-suited to the part, spoke clearly and definitely and sang her melodies in a sweet voice which carried well towards the audience.
MOIYA WILKIE turned in a noteworthy performance with a solo dance and as one of a dance chorus. She didn't have a line but her contribution to the presentation was commendable.
The hero, Don Wallace as Captain Roger Lee, played well but was rather confusing as he was referred to as a Canadian in one speech and as an American in the next speech. The list of the cast classed him as an American who disliked royalty.
THE SONG CHORUS was powerful and well-balanced, the orchestra was well handled and the play moved quickly with interest. There was little hesitation on the part of any actor, the make-up was good and clever little by-plays held the interest of the audience.
r was plentiful and Allan McLellan as the Duke de Grasse carried off a difficult role of comedy well.
Lloyd Goxer Hubert with a pronounced English accent, played his supporting part nicely. The army could have been a little more precise both while marching and while standing to attention. Papa Jules, played by Roy Paul, had difficulty making his voice heard across the audience.
NORMAN J. KENNEDY WAS musical director; Norman J. Pickard, production manager; Max Bishop, dramatics director; Audrey Pickard, chorus dance director; Lloyd Baldwin, accompanist; Fred Bird, stage manager; June Holman and Roy Paul, wardrobe; Grant Reddick, chorus make-up and Allan McLennan, president of the society.
The set designed by Grant Reddick and Allen McLennan was almost professional in appearance. The scene remained the same for both acts-- Papa Jules' garden-- and the trees, garden wall and castle in the distance were impressive. The scenic motif was done by the art class, under the direction of Kay Martin.
The actors were: Reg Houghton, Ted Boyko, Jean Hill, John Elder, Pat Bilee?, Audrey Walker, Esther McKinnon, Lorne Shepp, Dene Jeffrey, Gordon Lennen, Colin Dick, Palle Kjar, Bill Bidewell, Doreen Beebe, Gladys Bidewell, Joan Buchanan, Jacqueline Clarke, Jacquie Cutts, Gwen Daniels, Marjorie Dingley, Dora Downton, Joan Ferguson, Lorne Foster, Mavis Frickleton, Violet Giroux, Evelyn Goodjohn, Margaret Gordon, Darlene Gietsinger, Joyce Henderson, Hazel Ingram, Aileen Jones, Louise Jones and Sylvia Jorgensen, Evelyn Klukas Isabel McGiw?, Betty Murphy, Doris Nelner, Doris Osborne, Evelyn Pepperdine, Shirley Price, Maron Rein, Lucy Schaefer, Francis Scrimgeour, Gwen Sergeant, Joyce Sherman, Margaret Sewell, Helen Slakalut?, Barbara Sigsworth, Audrey Spencer, Doreen Sturla, Marjorie Underwood, Phyllis Wade, Mavis Wall, Joyce Willmott, Shirley Wilson, Beverley Whaley?
The dancers were: Margaret Borup, Naomi Belkin, Gladys Hunter, Ellene Kniss, Irene Kniss, Evelyn Marlin, Diane Norton, Helen Panabaker, Beatrice Strowger, Reva Sheinin, Margaret Thorne and Molya Wilkie.
PIRATES WERE played by Brian Alderman, Ted Connolly, Larry Copper, Ray Custead, Howard Miller, Bill Oaks, Jack Ready, Grant Reddick, Jim Rockley, Dave Russell, Marvin Selland, Palle Kjar.
The orchestra included Joan Ardley, Marilyn Bird, Frank Henderson, Harry Hill, Bud Leinweber, Stella Lesluk, Ernie Osadchuk, Helen Pecover, John Semkulev, Joyce Shuttleworth, A. Ruttan, H. E. Raby, Len Cool, Morley McDougall, Graeme Wilkie, W. F. Gray and G. Tildesley.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-10-16