Calgary Herald

1948-04-30 Page 6

Red Deer Quota Club Installs Officers 

The Red Deer Quota Club held a dinner meeting recently at which the following officers were installed: President, Mrs. L. H. Taylor; first vice-president, Mrs. Jack Lawrence; second vice-president, Mrs. Marjory Grey; recording secretary, Mrs. S. C. Baxter, and treasurer, Mrs. W. J. Supina
DIRECTORS  elected for a two-year term were Mrs. D. Brown and Mrs. Frances Gordon, and those elected for a term of one year were Mrs
. D. A. Haliburton and Mrs. Fred Rowett. The installing officer was Mrs. C. 
G. Markle. 
Guest of honor at the meeting was Miss Mary Black, candidate for the Rotary carnival queen, who was presented with a corsage.
A vote of thanks from the club was extended to the retiring president, Mrs. Gord
on Flack, by Mrs. F. W. Gaetz.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-11-08