Calgary Herald

1948-01-15 Page 10

 'United Labor' Organizes 

Robert Scott Elected President of  Group  

Robert Scott, business agent of 
Local 987, Teamsters' and Chauffeurs' Union, A.F.L., was elected president of United Labor at the first meeting of the labor political group since the municipal elections. Approximately 30 attended the meeting Wednesday evening in the Labor Temple.
George Chadney, co-ordinator for all Calgary C.C.I. legislative action, was elected vice-president, while Lionel Edwards will be recording secretary. P. D. Clark, retired police inspector, will be treasurer.
SIDNEY GREY; Y. D. Daniels, secretary of Local 987; and Milton W. Brock, principal of Victoria school, were elected to the executive.
A membership campaign among the 12,000 trade unionists of Calgary was announced at the meeting. The yearly membership fee in the group is to be $2. Meetings will be held monthly on selected Thursdays.
Mayor J. C. Watson and Ald. Robert Alderman addressed the meeting.
"THIS GROUP MUST be prepared to represent the unorganized as well as the organized workers of Calgary," Mayor Watson said.
ld. Alderman spoke briefly on the role United Labor would play in municipal government, stating that any new policies put forth in the city council had arisen from progressive groups, such as labor unions and associations of workers banded together to advance the interests of the community as a whole.
The name of the group was changed from 
United Civic Labor to United Labor since the newspapers had abbreviated the former name to U.C.L.

Extracted by J. Kynman 2015-08-28